The art of the quarantine era. Part 1.

Oddly enough, but quarantine affected the work of the virtual museum in the same way as it affected the work of real institutions. The only difference is that the museum was in no rush to lecture online. Perhaps because it only exists on the Internet. The feeling of the scale of the general clouding of the mind, the awareness of the insignificance of everything that mankind has achieved, the clear understanding that a tiny virus can wipe civilization from the face of the Earth, the presentiment of impending global changes in all spheres of life, including art – all this led to some stupor … It turned out that many authors fell silent. There are no new artworks. Because they are involved in some kind of team projects or because a period of crisis has come – it is not yet very clear. It is also unknown how long this will last. But there are those who continue to follow the thorny path of the creators. New names have appeared, we hope to introduce the viewer to them a little later. In the meantime – an overview of the latest artworks of those artists and those directions that are already presented in the museum. Today there will be 10.

1. Eugene Korolev

In the center of Moscow, in a tunnel under the Zaryadye park, artwork by Evgeny Korolyov is exhibited. The museum congratulates the author on the official recognition of his art but expresses sincere sadness about the preferences of our institutions. The painting, in which vigilant doctors bend over the city at night, is not the author’s strongest artworks. Very similar to the Soviet illustration from the cover of the magazine “Technology for Youth”.

Eugene Korolev. Autumn 2019, before COVID-19.

This choice does not surprise us. Because in order to exhibit other artworks of the artist, you need the courage to face the truth. I don’t know what the Dutch were like in the days of Pieter Brueghel the Elder, but they had the courage to accept his grotesque art. The world of Evgeny Korolyov, like the world of the great Dutchman, is full of grotesque and expression. His heroes are real heroes of the theater of the absurd in real life. This does not prevent his paintings from being truly beautiful, thanks to the magnificent color and emotional charge. Let’s be honest, not only pictures with doctors but also grotesque artworks of the artist are a mirror of our life.

Eugene Korolev. Dad 2020
Eugene Korolev. Party. 2020
Eugene Korolev. Warmth and comfort. 2020
Eugene Korolev. 2020

The author also likes to troll. This contemporary art trolling is a series of images of common plastic bags. With their inscriptions, they refer us to the shocking Piero Manzoni, the one who sealed his excrement in jars, wrote “Artist’s Shit” on them, and sold them for fabulous money.

Eugene Korolev. 2020
2. Alexey Andreev.

Alexey Andreev doesn’t care. He is a real Colossus of digital painting, indifferently looking at pandemics, lockouts, and other little things in life. Because his gaze pierces the thickness of space and time and sees the future, which is about to come. We have no doubt that he will meet him with dignity and talentedly reflect in a series of his futuristic artworks.

Alex Andreev. Axe. 2020
Alex Andreev. Spin. 2020.
Alex Andreev. Stereo. 2020
Alex Andreev. Metronomicon. 2020
Alex Andreev. Metronomicon. 2020
3. Simon Stalenhag.

This year the film “Tales from the Loop” was released, inspired by the artist’s ideas. And he continues to work on a new series of paintings, which he called Europa Mekano. He, too, pays no attention to the viral madness that has engulfed all of humanity. But in his case, this is not at all surprising. Simon lives in Sweden, which is in no hurry to change its lifestyle for the sake of some pathetic virus. For Simon, things are still going on. His canvases are still atmospheric; they also combine everyday life and otherworldly worlds in one space.

Simon Stalenhag. EUROPA MEKANO. 2020
Simon Stalenhag. EUROPA MEKANO. 2020
Simon Stalenhag. EUROPA MEKANO. 2020
4. Concha Garcia Zaera.

Wonderful Conche Garcia Zaire from Spain is 90 years old this year. And this is not a reason for her to be sad, but, on the contrary, an opportunity to share her sunny optimism with us. Her artless compositions, made with the simplest paints with pure open colors, stand out against the general canvas of digital art. This sincere naivety breathes with joy, light and thirst for life. The museum wishes the artist many more years of unquenchable creative activity.

Concha Garcia Zaera. 2020
Concha Garcia Zaera. 2020
Concha Garcia Zaera. 2020
5. Alexey Egorov.

In a completely different style, also decorative, but refined, the magnificent graphic works of the Siberian artist Alexei Egorov are made. Its symbolism stems from a deep knowledge of the history and culture of the North and is full of mystical discoveries. The last few illustrations (not shown here) are sci-fi. They, of course, demonstrate the versatility of the author, but deprive him of bright originality. Let’s hope that this is just a tribute to the commercial component in the artist’s life.

Alexey Egorov. Remember Past Victories. 2020
Alexey Egorov. Aurora. 2020
Alexey Egorov. Cold evening. 2020
Alex Egorov. Saintly. 2020
6. Robert Szűcs

And now a little about science and art. The project of the Hungarian cartographer Robert Schütz turned out to be very successful, he helped us to see the unexpected beauty of the rivers, similar to the circulatory system of countries and continents. Today, the cartographer and artist left his job for a while to immerse himself in a colorful visualization of the Earth’s geography. On his website he now publishes maps showing forest distribution, height, and population density. Each such artwork is both a colorful canvas and a scientific illustration that gives a vivid idea of ​​the life of the planet. So a hobby can suddenly turn into the meaning of life and the main occupation.

Robert Szucs. Population density heatmap of India. 2020
Robert Szucs. Population density heatmap of the world. 2020
Robert Szucs. River basin map of Poland. 2020
Robert Szucs. River basin map of Russia. 2020
Robert Szucs. Population density heatmap of France. 2020
Robert Szucs. Elevation map of Italy. 2020
7. Uno Morales.

In the graphic noir world of Uno Morales, the time has stood still, forever cementing our childhood fears. All frightening horror stories – dark streets, evil beauties, dangerous encounters – make the heart beat faster. These pictures are so deeply rooted in the subconscious that even an adult rationally thinking person experiences long-forgotten feelings when a small one suddenly finds himself alone in a completely dark room, and ominous shadows swing outside the window. But, if you do not get scared, then everything will turn into buffoonery, into a phantasmagoria, where completely incompatible historical personalities can appear at the same table. The artist works in a rare technique of black and white pixel art, in the style of an old book illustration. His handwriting is unmistakable both in design and content. Here we publish two artworks from the big cycle “Vitalya” and one of the famous pixel animations.

Uno Morales. Vitalya. 2020
Uno Morales. Vitalya. 2020

8. Chad Knight

The artist continues to embed airy sculptural compositions into virtual space. It remains to be regretted that they are not yet in our parks – there are so much joy and hope in them. Although, due to the current situation of self-isolation, landscapes decorated with sculptures of Chad may be the only pleasant substitute for a real landscape. The artist always associates his artwork with a real place that fits exactly into the nature of space and time. It’s nice to imagine that these sculptures really exist. The most recent artworks of the artist can be viewed on his Instagram

Chad Knight. Havana, Cuba. 2020
Chad Knight. Paris, France. 2020
Chad Knight. Gobi desert, Mongolia. 2020
Chad Knight. Blue Lagoon Iceland. 2020
9. Nokse Mojo

Light, bold, schematic artworks of this artist are like living pictures of real life, flashing in the window of a car or bus. Simple and understandable composition, generalized solutions, liberation from small details make the image of reality laconic and easy to remember. Sometimes strange giants, mermaids, and other alien creatures make their way into his vision of the world, but in general, the author loves to live in reality, and everything else is just a game.

Nokse Mojo 2020
Nokse Mojo. 2020
Nokse Mojo. 2020
Nokse Mojo. 2020

In terms of theme and style, Nokse Mojo successfully draws a fine line between grotesque art and cute anime. His artworks do not frighten, do not force the viewer to experience catharsis, do not pretend to penetrate the essence of life. Their light humor makes the world a little kinder. One of the artist’s latest projects is a charming mini-comic “Movie Night”.

Nokse Mojo. Movie Night. 2020
Nokse Mojo. Movie Night-1. 2020
Nokse Mojo. Movie Night-2. 2020
Nokse Mojo. Movie Night-3. 2020
Nokse Mojo. Movie Night-4. 2020
10. Rinat Khabirov

While most of the artists were at home, Rinat, in spite of everything, traveled. From his travels, he brought back wonderful sketches, easily written with a wide and free brush. His artworks breathe the free air of the mountains, are full of light, and the alluring charm of wanderings. They are all the more valuable because these are not exotic types of tropical resorts, but beautiful places of the Urals and Altai unknown to many.

Rinat Khabirov Altai. 2020
Rinat Khabirov Altai. 2020

Rinat also draws a lot using traditional techniques. Today the museum, contrary to its profile, decided to release several spreads of the artist’s albums.

Rinat Khabirov. Artist’s album. 2020
Rinat Khabirov. Artist’s album. 2020
Rinat Khabirov. Artist’s album. 2020
Rinat Khabirov. Artist’s album. 2020

(To be continued)